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Articles and Reports

Note: Since 2012 I have been posting links to all my articles on my three blogs (on empire, education, and "climate change"). You can link to the blogs and those articles on the home page.

However, "Algora-gate," in which my publisher revealed in 2019 a cretinous bias against gays, blacks, and women, is sui generis, hors categorie, as they say of ridiculous climbs in the Tour de France. Hence I provide the tale here in two forms, literary and documentary. I published the novel in question, Arms Deals, on Amazon instead. You can read about it and buy it there.

Also, I recently (May 2020) discovered my op-ed in the July 12, 1992, Washington Post Outlook section poking fun at moralists' calls to censor anti-establishment or racy music. Here is My Wicked, Wicked Songs, a paen to lyrics I sang in the country-western, bluegrass, and rock bands of my troubled youth.

Is Obama a Turkey or an Eagle?, (October 28, 2010) An article based on my book, The Turkey and the Eagle: The Struggle for America's Global Role. (This article appeared in Foreign Policy in Focus, an on-line publication of the Institute for Policy Studies.)

Liberals Back Dictator's Ethnic War, (June 9, 2010) Members of Congress and non-governmental groups who usually oppose Pentagon efforts to win civil wars for their friends are making an exception for Ugandan President Museveni and his war against the Acholi resistance. Rather than addressing the root causes of this complex conflict and pushing for a negotiated solution to Uganda's ethnic divisions, liberals are giving a dictator a free pass. (This article appeared in Foreign Policy in Focus, an on-line publication of the Institute for Policy Studies.)

Climate Catastrophe: Convenient Fibs and Dangerous Prescriptions, (2010) A discussion of climate models and the hysteria they have created about human-generated emissions of heat-trapping gases.

The Decline in America's Reputation: Why?,(2008) a report by Representative Bill Delahunt, Chairman of the Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight of the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, for which I served as a primary author.

Poverty in a Time of Empire: Why Foreign Aid Can't "Make Poverty History," (2006) a lengthy article critiquing the "Make Poverty History" campaign and economist Jeffrey Sachs' book "The End of Poverty." The article shows how foreign aid serves the purposes of northern domination rather than southern development, and calls for a U.S. foreign policy of demilitarization and cooperation. There is also an oped length version and a letter published in the April 2, 2006, New York Times Book Review making similar points about a review of economist William Easterly's book "The White Man's Burden."

A Response to Self-congratulationism,(2006) the full submission to Foreign Policy magazine in response to an article extolling the impact of the American empire. (This much-shortened letter appears in the Spring 2006 issue.)

The Solution to the American Empire: Disunion Now, Disunion Forever! (2005) A lengthy article on the impossibility of timely reform of U.S. national security policy.

Empire is Evil: Why, and How, We Should Dismantle America's, opinion piece written in South Africa, March 2005.

Empire is Evil: It is Time to Dismantle Ours, earlier version of this opinion piece on building an anti-imperialist movement, June 23, 2004.

AU and Iraq, opinion piece opposing American University support for the occupation of Iraq, in the American University Eagle, January 22, 2004. Also available on the Eagle website.

Open Letter on American University Support for the Occupation of Iraq, statement of opposition to AU contract from the occupying authority, July 10, 2003.

Arms Control by War, opinion article in the American University Eagle, December 5, 2003, describing how U.S. "nuclear detectives" monitor Iraqi enrichment of uranium, making unnecessary the invasion being promoted by the Bush Administration's "Vulcans."

Antipersonnel Land Mines: Currently Available and Near-Term Alternatives to Achieve Combined Forces Command Objectives in Korea, Briefing for the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on Alternative Technologies to Replace Antipersonnel Land Mines, December 10, 1999

Winning in Korea without Landmines: Alternatives to Speed Victory and Reduce Allied Casualties, a more extensive report on the issue, published by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation as Vol. 1, Number 3, VVAF Monograph Series, Summer 2000. This summary page includes a pdf file for the entire report, which takes a while to up-load. For a short opinion piece, see: Fighting in Korea with Antiquated Weapons.

Think Globally, Run Locally: What I Learned Running for Congress As A Progressive, August 23, 1999

Cornell's Student Revolt of 1969:
A Rare Case of Democracy on Campus
, Originally published in The Progressive, Ithaca, NY, May 5, 1999

A Tompkins County Hero - George Kahin, Published in the Ithaca (NY) Journal, May 5, 2000

From Vietnam to Colombia - via El Salvador: The Tactics Have Changed, but the Goal and the Failure of Leadership Remain the Same, September 2000

Making the Same Mistakes in Colombia, a shorter version of the same article, published by the Global Beat Service, November 22, 2000.

The Mathematics of Musical Scales, a paper in number theory, Fall 2000.

Boycott DC'S Standardized Test for Elementary School Children: "Teaching to the Test" Is All Cost, No Benefit, a version of an article appearing in the Washington, DC, Northwest Current, March 21, 2001.